Unicorn Cosmetics Spookalicious Makeup Brushes


  • Unicorn Cosmetics
  • Halloween Theme Gift
  • 5 Piece Makeup Brush Set

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It doesn’t need to be Halloween to use these makeup brushes from Unicorn Cosmetics; they’re vegan friendly, the unicorn shaped handles change colour with heat, and they are totally Spookalicious!

This spellbinding 5 piece set is all your makeup kit needs with its sleek angled powder brush, sharp triangle foundation brush, precise contour brush, beautiful blending eye shadow brush, detailing eye shadow brush and divine dome-shaped blusher brush.

The handles are heat sensitive so they turn from black to orange when they get warm, plus they come presented in a hauntingly fun faux leather coffin case, complete with metal bone zippers… What more could a ghoul ask for?

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