National Hair Sunday
July 29, 2020


Here at Lipstick Lashes and Locks we wanted to reward our fabulous NHS staff for their hard work over the past tough few months. As our salon opened back up with all our new safety measures in place we held an in salon treat day for some staff to come by and have their locks refreshed as a thank you from us to them for everything they do!

By taking part in National Hair Sunday we were able to give away free services to frontline staff. After all, one of our most favourite feelings is having the spring back in your step after a salon visit!



Some of the lovely NHS staff we had in, kindly allowed us to ask some questions.


Name:  Rhona            Works as:  Sick kids Oncology and Haematology Ward

How does a new haircut make you feel?

Brilliant, being a nurse everyone tends to have their hair up in a ponytail due to having a hectic schedule. It’s come home, have a shower, rinse and repeat! Especially during lockdown when we have been feeling a little bit like a burst couch!  It’s been brilliant getting my hair done today and I’m very grateful to you all. 

What simple things have you most looked forward to after lock-down? 

I have just wanted to go home and see my family. With my family being over on the Isle of Lewis it has been hard not being able to just drive over and see them. It was quite difficult when lockdown began to ease knowing it would still be a while longer for me before I would be able to visit them again unless I got really good at swimming!

Has lockdown made you change your outlook on anything?

I think we have realised how we can get by and embrace change in working within this new normal. My husband has been working from home during this time so, it will be interesting to see if companies adapt to what they had put in place in lockdown. It would be quite sad if we have come out of this period without any positive changes or new lessons learnt.



Name:  Jen                     Works as: Infection Prevention Control team for Lothian

How does a new haircut make you feel?

Oh wonderful! It’s more so been lovely to see the staff in Lipstick Locks and Lashes. It’s been sad walking past the shop and seeing it closed down as its part of the community here.  I’m enjoying having everything neatened up again!

How has lockdown affected your work and has it changed your outlook on anything? 

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to go to work every day and keep busy. The best thing is I have been able to give back and look after people within this community during this time in lockdown. I have almost enjoyed the more 1950s style of living. I have realised how we just accumulate material things we don’t need and although I love having a look in charity shops I’ve realised how stressful shopping can actually be. I have enjoyed the more slowed down living, it feels more like a Sunday.

What simple things have you missed and will look forward to after lock-down? 

As simple as it sounds, just being able to get on a train again. To be able to go down to see my mum in London, skipping to Salisbury to see my brother, then down Devon to see my grandparents again.  Just the simple things!

LLL National Hair Day

What a fantastic day offering free hairdressing services!

Our way to say a little #thankyou from us to all the NHS frontline workers 💓💓💓


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