We’re incredibly excited to have welcomed a new member into our team recently. Dee is now in our beauty salon offering a series of treatments including brow waxing, tinting, threading and makeovers. She also specialises in eyelash treatments including tints, extensions and LVL lash lifts. Today she’s giving you the lowdown on what the treatment entails, how it benefits and a few care tips to get the most out of your lovely lashes:

Eyelash lifts are a great way to give yourself a fuller and longer set of eyelashes without wearing fake eyelashes or having eyelash extensions. The wonderful thing about this treatment is that it’s incredibly low maintenance and it lasts for as long as your hair cycle, which is traditionally around 8-10 weeks.

The process of the LVL lashes lift is essentially an eyelash perm; the conditioner applied to your lashes curls them, and the treatment also thickens, lengthens and strengthens each hair. It’s a great treatment for blonds as we can add a tint as well, making lashes much more dramatic, and it’s also often used by people with incredibly curly lashes who would like them straightened out a little to create more length.

The technique is very simple. If it’s your first treatment we’ll begin with a 24hr patch test before your session, though reactions to this treatment are very uncommon. We then measure up your lashes and custom fit a silicon shield to create the shape you’d like to create. To begin, we prime your lashes with protine remover pads to ensure each hair gets maximum benefits from the full treatment, then each lash is brushed onto the silicone shield into position. For maximum effect, the eyelashes need to be fanned out which will give you great coverage and make them look really full. We then apply the mask and the conditioner over a period of around 15 minutes and you’re done!

For the best results, you can’t get your eyelashes wet for 12 hours after the perm. You also shouldn’t sleep with an eye mask on during that period as you risk flattening them out again. But after that you can hop straight into a swimming pool if you like – they won’t budge!

To take the best care of your eyelashes after the treatment, I highly recommend using an eyelash conditioner on top of your traditional moisturising routine. If that’s a bit of a stretch for you, you could apply some vaseline onto a clean mascara wand and brush it on – that little bit of conditioning will go a long way! Try and avoid rubbing and tugging at your lashes, and always take extra care when removing eye make up by patting them with cotton buds so as not to damage them. Finally, make sure you throw away old mascara’s after around 6 months as the germs can lead to eye infections!

We’re delighted to be offering a 20% discount to students on all lash and brow treatments, making this a great treat for the festive season! If you book in now you’ll have luscious lashes all the way through to January.

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Looking forward to meeting you!