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Lipstick Lashes & Locks Curly Hair Specialists

Here at Lipstick Lashes & Locks, we use a variety of cutting techniques, to create the perfect curly hair cut and style this includes both wet & dry (curl by curl) techniques.
We start with a consultation finding out about your current routine, curl pattern and goals, then we decide the best cutting technique to suit your hair.
Finishing with tips and advice on product choice and styling/drying your hair at home.

Tina our salon director is passionate about curly hair, bieng a naturally curly girl herself, she knows the issues of the past when curly hair is not cut to suit the natural pattern, She has taken numerous curly training courses and, always developing her skills working closely with Ouidad, and constantly training her team.

We can help you to get the best of your fabulous curls!

Red hair and don't care!
Red hair and don't care!
Heidi's curls
Natural Curls
Natural Curls
cutting and styling of curly hair
Male and female salon
Male and female salon
Best advice for natural curls

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