I don’t know about you, but I love a good Betty Bang. These short fringes became really popular in the 1950’s thanks to the pin up icon Betty Page, and has remained a favourite of pin up and rockabilly gals ever since. However, they do take a bit of maintaining. Are you committed to keeping it trimmed and curled? The other problem: you give up a lot of other styling options when you cut it in..

How do you know if it will suit your face? What if you’re not keen on it? That’s what made us decide to look into extension alternatives… what if you could have a perfect Betty Bang just for the weekends? For me, that’s living the dream.
The most important thing when looking at any type of hair extension is to find one that uses real human hair. They cost a lot more, but they are much more pliable; you can wash and dry them, dye them to match your natural colour, style them with heated appliances and products, and most importantly, they don’t look fake.  Although a cheap alternative may seem like a really appealing decision at the time, you’ll regret it in the long run. There is nothing more obvious than synthetic fibres, you can’t really brush them, and you’re much more likely to find you loose a lot more strands from the piece as they aren’t made as well as the genuine versions.
There are now quite a few options online for purchasing a faux fringe. There are strip fringes that are just a blunt line of hair, much like regular extensions. These are ok, but you really need to use a hairband or scarf to cover up the seam where it matches your real hair as it’s pretty noticeable where you’ve attached it. There is also triangular shaped pieces that attach from further back on your head. These do blend in better and offer better coverage, but if you’re planning to put your hair up they can become a bit problematic. When we were researching fringe pieces with all round coverage we discovered American based Classy Rebel. Needless to say I ordered one for myself asap!
This piece has two clips which you attach to the crown of your head. It has a circular gathering for the hair, meaning that although the fringe at the front holds the most hair, there is also full length hair going around the circumference. This means when attached, it gives you a new parting and the longer hair at the back and the sides can be blended/styled into your natural hair. As it’s 100% human, it can also be styled very easily, so if you were to pop one in and put rollers in your hair to pin curl the rest, you would do the same to the clip in hair, making it a seamless blend.
Classy Rebel offers a range of different fringe styles and hair colours, so you can either purchase a colour that’s similar to your own or you could buy a lighter shade and dye it to match. They’re incredibly easy to maintain and style, just like natural hair, and are really thick and full. This is incredibly important if you’re interested in having a Betty Bang style as you need thick hair to get a good shape to the curl.
Although we would consider this more of an investment piece, we definitely recommend them. Bare in mind that if you’re in the UK like us, you will need to pay a customs charge upon delivery which costs around £15. Still worth it in our eyes!
If you’ve purchased a hair piece and would like us to cut, dye and style it to match your hair, just give us a ring and we can arrange an appointment. Once you’ve got it just right, you’ll be hooked!